Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Buku: The 1963 Operation Coldstore in Singapore. Commemorating 50 Years

Buku: The 1963 Operation Coldstore in Singapore. Commemorating 50 Years

Editor: Poh Soo Kai, Tan Kok Fang & Hong Lysa

Penerbit: SIRD & Pusat Sejarah

Harga: RM 65

Halaman: 542 muka surat


INTRODUCTION Why Operation Coldstore Matters


CHAPTER 1 Operation Coldstore: A Key Event in the Creation of Modern Singapore – Geoff Wade

CHAPTER 2 ‘Flesh mad bone reunite as one body’: Singapore’s Chinese-Speaking and their Perspectives on Merger – Thum Ping Tjin

CHAPTER 3 Of Six-day Weeks and 3-3 versus 4-2 systems: Discipling Teachers for the New State – Hong Lysa


CHAPTER 4 Living in a Time of Deception – Poh Soo Kai

CHAPTER 5 ‘I would never lift one finger to justify my own detention’ – Lim Hok Siew

CHAPTER 6 ‘How could I die, the fight is not over’ – Said Zahari

CHAPTER 7 ‘I won them back one by one’ – Tan Jing Quee

CHAPTER 8 The True Story of Singaporean – T.H. Haw

CHAPTER 9 Standing on the Moral High Ground – Tan Kok Fang

CHAPTER 10 Imprisonment, Expulsion and Banishment: The Fate of Student Activists in Singapore’s Tertiary Education Institutions – Koh Kay Yew

CHAPTER 11 Interview with Lee Tee Tong: Blue-collar Worker and Labour Activists – Loh Kah Seng

CHAPTER 12 A Brief History of the Singapore Bookshop Publication and Printing Press Workers Union – A Group of Former Unions Members

CHAPTER 13 From Emergency Regulations 1948 to the Internal Security Act Today – Teo Soh Lung

CHAPTER 14 The Historical Truth Will Be Revealed: Political Detainess in Singapore, 1950-2013 – Loh Miaw Gong (Loh Miao Ping)

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