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Buku: Patani. Behind the Accidental Border. The Search for Elusive Peace

Buku: Patani. Behind the Accidental Border. The Search for Elusive Peace

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i. Prologue
ii. The Historical Context: 200-1400 AD

iii. A Half-Millennium of Nationhood: 1400-1902
- The “Metropolis of the Malaos”
-  The Patani-Ayutthaya Wars: Stemming the Siamese Transgressions
-  Phaya Taksin’s Push South
- The Chakri Invasion: Forestaste of Siamese Colonialism
- The Patani-Krung Thep Wars: Resistance to Siamese Vassalage
- Rebirth of a Malay Dynasty
- A Malay Kingdom is Lost: The Annexation

iv. The Anglo-Siamese Treaty of 1909

v. Aftermath of Annexation: 1909-1960
- Embryonic Resistance to Direct Siamese Rule
Thai Ratthaniyom: Erasure of the Patani Malay Race
-  Turmoil of the Second World War
-   Post-War Glimmer Hope for Emancipation
-  Haji Sulong’s Seven Point Demand
- Internationalization of the Patani Issue
-  The Thai Overkill and the End of Malay Moderation
- The Malayan Emergency: Another Roadblock to the Patani Cause

vi. The Patani Malay Resistance: 1960-2010
- Rise of resistance Movements
Barisan Nasional Pembebasan Patani (BNPP or Patani National Liberation Front)
Barisan Revolusi Nasional Melayu Patani (BRN or Patani Malay National Revolutionary Front)
Pasukan Ronda Kumpulan Kecil (RKK, literally “Small Patrol Groups’)
Pertubuhan Pembebasan Patani Bersatu (or Patani United Liberation Organisation, PULO)
Gerakan Mujahideen Islam Patani (GMIP or Muslim Mujahideen Movement of Patani)

- The CPM Factor: A Spanner in the Works
-  “.....Rebels Unite!
-  1990s Peace Talks
-  Money Talks....and Insurgents Walk

vii. Reigniting the Fire: Post-2004
- Stoking the Fire of Liberation
- Sebayu Market Murders and Gersik Mosque Massacre
- Breaching the Point of No Return
- Plague of the Ethnic-T’ai Buddhist Militias
- Colonialism Gone Mad: The Tak Bai Atrocity
- The National Reconciliation Commission: Opening the Patani Pandora’s Box
- Blacklist: Tickets to the Throes of Death
- Quest for Peace: Roadmap or Roadblock?
- The Juwae
- The Thai Security Forces: A Battlefield Report Card
- The Surayud Interlude
- Economic Battleground: The Chenak Gas Pipeline Fiasco
- A State of Impasse: A What Price

viii. Crossroads
- Patani Malay Tenacity
- Why The Patani Malays Will Not Become “Thais”
- Reality Check

ix. Towards Resolution
- Roadblocks to Conflict Resolution
Revisionist History
Erasure of “Malay” race and identity
Creation of a mythical Southern “Thai Muslim” community
The Thai state’s portrayal of the ongoing insurgency as Islamic-based
Religious-like taboo on any discourse on the roots of the Pattani Issue
Thai state’s non-compromising stance
Thai state’s low credibility with the Patani Malay populace
State sanctioned atrocities
Disunited Malay Liberation Groups

x. Strategic Prescriptions
- Logic Modules toward a Patani Solution
Logic Module 1: Forming the Contextual Framework
Logic Module 2: Setting the Realities
Logic Module 3: Driving the Solution Prescriptions via Reconciliation of Divergent Realities and Forging of Commonalities

 - Building Blocks of the Pattani Peace Initiative
Governing and Political Framework
Monitoring and Enforcement
Towards Final Solution

- Patani Self-Gorvernance?
- Malaysian Role in the Pattani Peace Initiative

xi. Way Forward

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