Monday, July 11, 2011

Buku: The Memoirs of Shamsiah Fakeh From AWAS to 10th Regiment

Buku: The Memoirs of Shamsiah Fakeh From AWAS to 10th Regiment
Editor: Shamsiah Fakeh
Publisher: SIRD
Harga: RM 30
Page: 122
List of Photos
Glossary of Malay words
1. My Background
2. My Education, Marriage and divorce
3. A Visit from Three-Star Army
4. My Second Marriage
5. Joining the Struggle
6. Heading Women’s Wing of the Malay Nationalist Party
7. Women’s Awakening
8. Marrying Ahmad Boestamam
9. The First Congress of AWAS
11. Declaration of Emergency
12. Lost the Jungle - The First Time
13. The Malayan National liberation Army and Establishment of the 10th Regiment
14. Journey to the Malayan-Thai Border
15. UMNO Youth’s 33 Front and I
16. Sent to China
17. Life in China
18. Establishing the Malayan National Liberation League Legation in Indonesia
19. Positive and Negative Situations in Indonesia
20. Tense Situation in Indonesia
21. The Arrest of Malayan National Liberation League Members in Indonesia
22. Internal Strife in the Malayan Communist Party
23. Missing Home
24. A Change in The Malaysian Goverment Policy
25. Permission to Return Home

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